Couple / Single Therapy

I would like to introduce myself to all English speaking migrants interested in coaching or therapy.

I have lived for seven years in Australia where I studied Psychology at the University of Sydney finishing with a Masters Degree. Afterwards I lived for four years in England before moving back to Germany. In Munich I did a three-year-course in Systemic Therapy and Sexual Therapy. The main focus of my work as a therapist and coach are relationship problems. For example problems between couples, between parents and children or between colleagues.

My personal experience of living in a foreign country, moving to a country with a different culture and living in a multicultural relationship, gives me a valuable insight into the problems faced by migrants. After all those years in English speaking countries my conversation skills enable me to offer therapy in the English language. Even for somebody with good German communication skills it is recommended to talk to a therapist in their mother tongue.
There is a stronger emotional connection than in a foreign language.

I would be happy to answer further questions you may have by telephone or e-mail.